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The attorneys at Creek County Law provide a wide range of Sapulpa law services. From tribal litigation to general civil law, there is nothing we can’t do. With decades of experience, our law office has helped thousands of clients get results in the court room. We are here to fight for your rights. Have you been injured in an accident? Let our team fight for your rights. We can deeal with the insurance companies for you. Do you have an ongoing criminal case with Muskogee Creek Nation? Our attorneys can represent you in your case. Take a look below at the many different Sapulpa Law Services we provide and let us know how we can help you. Charles McCaskey and the entire team or Creek County Law attorneys have the knowledge and skill to help you with your case and get results.

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Bare minimum work yields bare minimum results, and that simply will not do. You should be able to openly communicate with your attorney in a safe and comfortable environment. Court is stressful enough on it’s own without feeling intimidated by a lawyer. Your needs are important, your case matters, and we know that. That is why you will not find better representation anywhere else in Creek county. Not only do we practices in several areas of law, but we win. Call us to set up an in office consultation or send us a message here and let us know how we can help you.






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