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Having a child get arrested is a schocking and overwhelming experience. You are going to need a juvenile defense attorney you can trust to guide you on what to do next. Minor children can be arrested for the same crimes as adults, while not being charged and tried the same. Charles McCaskey will help you understand the charges they are facing and represent them in court.

After Your Child Is Arrested

When a child has been arrested, they are held in a juvenile detention center. They will have a hearing in front of a judge where they will hear from the District Attorney and the child’s attorney about the charges and what the conditions for release will be. In some cases the child may need to post a bail bond to be released. In other cases, the child may be held in detention during their case.

Representing You In The Juvenile System

In the majority of cases, minors are charges as juveniles. Only in especially violent crimes can children be charged as adults. Cases involving minors are not subject to public record in Oklahoma, so you would not be able to look up the court minutes online as you would in cases involving adults. You are going to need a juvenile defense attorney to walk you through the juvenile system. Call Charles Mccaskey for a confidential consultation at 918-248-0018. Additionally you may send a message here and he will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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