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A deprived child case in Oklahoma happens when a child has been found abused or neglected by their parents. These are complicated cases that are different from any other type of civil or criminal litigation. In these cases, the Department of Human Services conducts an initial investigation into the well-being of the child. They are also the ones that initally remove a child from the home. If you have been contacted by DHS regarding a complaint or report of abuse or neglect with your children, you need to call Charles McCaskey imediately. 


Adjudication happens at the beginning of your case. It is a hearing in front of a judge that addresses the allegations and findings or the initial complaint. You may win this hearing and get your kids back immediately. But if you do not win this case, you will have to work a plan to get your children back. This DOES NOT mean that you lose custody of your kids forever. But you will need the help of a Sapulpa juvenile attorney to help you as these things can linger on even after your case is over. Charles McCaskey knows how to represent you in Oklahoma juvenile deprived cases. 

Protecting Your Parental Rights

If the child is a member of an Indian Tribe, the system is a little different, but you will still be able to work a plan to get your children back. If the case is with the state of Oklahoma, and the allegations are found to be extremely heinous and shocking, the State may terminate your rights at the adjudication hearing. Charles McCaskey works to preotect your parental rights and keep your children with you. If you are facing a juveniled deprived proceeding, whether it is tribal or with the State of Oklahoma, call now. 

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