Planning Your Estate In Oklahoma

Planning your estate is not something you do once you are old. It is something everyone should think about, regardless of their age. Life really is short, and because we do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, it is important that we have plans in place to protect our loved ones and our legacy. Planning your estate in Oklahoma is not hard to do with the help of an experience estate and probate attorney. Using a lawyer to help you do this gives you many options.

Setting Up Your Will

A will is the cornerstone of a great estate plan. This is how you make sure all your assets are distributed the way that you want, in the even that you pass away. Having a trust as part of this helps to safeguard your wishes even more. This is not something you want to find a form online and try to fill out, hoping it will hold up in court after you pass. A will done the right way will include benefits to reduce taxes and transfer fees to your heirs.

Power Of Attorney – Durable

Another smart thing to have when setting up your estate. This helps to manage your affairs while you are alive if you become incapacitated. Assigning an executor approved by the court to manage your finances so that your bills are paid, and manage other financial and legal matters on your behalf.

Power Of Attorney – Healthcare

This is an added benefit allowing someone to make healthcare related decisions on your behalf. This can also be the same person as the durable power attorney but it is not required. If you have expressed healthcare wishes to someone such as being on a ventilator or organ donation, this is how you make sure those wishes are followed.

Getting Started

There are so many important factors to consider with your estate. You want to make sure that you leave you 401k and other assets to the right people. If you are planning your estate, contact the lawyers at Charles McCaskey Law now.
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