Oklahoma Wrongful Death Claim

It is hard enough to mourn the death a loved one. You are hurting, and grieving, and picking up the pieces of your life. This is especially hard when it is sudden and due to the negligence of someone else. There are so many questions you will have. What do you do about medical bills? How do you get by without that income anymore? How do you get justice or hold the responsible party accountable for their actions?
Charles McCaskey is here to help you with your Oklahoma wrongful death claim.

What Is A Wrongful Death Claim?

This is a claim that is filed when someone passes away due to an auto accident, or medical malpractice, or other form of negligence. Defective products and nursing home abuse are also forms of wrongful death. In this suit you will seek compensation for the pain, suffering, and loss on behalf of the victim. The defendant in the case may be a person, corporation, business, or any other entity. It is important to keep in mind that this type of claim is civil, and is separate from any criminal charges the defendant might face.

How To File A Claim

In Oklahoma, you first open an estate. The court will the distribute compensation according to how the estate was set up. To open an estate, you will need to go through probate court. It is important to have a skilled probate attorney like Charles McCaskey on your side to help navigate this process. Making sure this is filed correctly, and has an adequately appointed representative will help.
Like many other cases, there is a time period on when this has to be filed. The stature of limitations will run out. So before that does, contact Charles McCaskey at 918-248-0018 or send us a message here. Let’s get started on your claim now before the time runs out.
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