Medical Negligence Cases In Oklahoma

Hospitals and nursing homes in Oklahoma have standards. These are put in place to make sure that the patients and residents receive adequate care. Patients and residents in both places may suffer from negligence. Although, there is a difference between short term stays in a hospital and long term stays in nursing homes. One of the biggest differences between the two are nursing home patients. They typically have a long list of comorbidities that increase the risk of illness and/or infection. This can also increase complications in medical treatment. We are going to address how these comorbidities affect medical negligence cases in Oklahoma.

What Is A Comorbidity?

Sounds complex, and that is because it is. A comorbidity is one or more pre-existing medical conditions that occur with a primary condition. These may be physical or psychological medical conditions. They may exist simultaneously or independently with other related conditions. People that have these are obviously more at risk of complications than those without.
Examples would be things like COPD and diabetes. Patients are more susceptible to adverse reactions and effects during treatment. That does not mean that they are not entitled to specific standards of care. But it does make that much more shocking when someone dies under the care of a hospital than that of a nursing home.

Patient Rights To Proper Medical Care

In almost every medical negligence case, the condition of comorbidities is brought up. They like to say that this was the cause of death and not the medical care itself. In some cases, this is correct, but not in every case. No matter what someone may be dying from, it is no excuse for a lack of medical care. It means that more delicate and attentive medical care may be required.

Contact A Medical Negligence Attorney

If you have questions about the care of a patient and negligence, you may seek the opinion of another medical care provider. You may also contact a medical negligence attorney to represent you. You and your loved ones may be entitled to compensation for wrongful death due to medical negligence. Contact Charles McCaskey today for more information.
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