You deserve the best legal representation in court despite family legal issues being some of the most stressful. Charles McCaskey Law can give you the family law counsel you need to put your family at ease. 

Going through a family law case is sensitive and overwhelming. Whether it’s an adoption, divorce, visitation, custody, child support, or other family legal case, the process can be draining and no one wants to go through it. Having a family lawyer you can rely on is key in getting through these tough times.

When your emotions are running high in the middle of legal proceedings, your attorney can help you stay organized and prioritized. Charles McCaskey Law can make sure all of your documents are ready and filed on time.

If you want to walk away feeling satisfied with your case, you need a family law attorney that will negotiate on your behalf and prove to the judge why you are worthy of the cause you are fighting for. That is why Charles McCaskey and the attorneys at Creek County Law are here to help.

Kinds Of Family Law Cases

Family Law is an umbrella term that incompases many different types of cases. Whether it is adoption, custody, or other matter in the home, it is all considered family law. The most common cases are divorce, custody, visitation, and guardianship.

When it comes to these cases, experienced family law counsel will help you determine whether litigation or mediation is the best path forward. This can depend on several factors including communication between the parties involved.

Visitation And Custody

In Oklahoma there are two types of custody.
Sole Custody – meaning one parent has sole physical and legal custody of the minor child, or
Joint Custody – meaning both parents share physical and legal custody of the child.

If on parent receives sole custody, the other parent will usually have visitation rights. This visitation schedule will be outlined in a co-parenting plan set forth by the court to include residentail locations, holidays, school breaks, and other times.

Establishing Paternity

If you were not married at the time your child was born, you may need to establish paternity in order to gain legal parental rights. There are several ways to do this. Amicably, an acknowledgement of paternity can be submitted to the court. Alternatively, an order for DNA testing can be done.

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